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Bio Fan is the world’s first fluid machinery which “cultivates water” while saving extraordinary amounts of energy.

Bio Fan’s Mechanism

Floating webbed blades spread radially girate at low speed causing the water from the sea floor rise inside the flow tube in the shape of Mt. Fuji. Laminar flow which converges to the origin of the upflow crawls at the bottom.The benthic region resuscitates when oxygen is supplied to the sludge by the rotation effect of the induced laminar flow, and it improves quality of water with the action of wind and sunlight. Also a vast water area will be resuscitated as a large haul.

Both water purification and aquaculture activities can be carried out if water is cultivated by Bio Fan.
Wind, sun and benthic region are utilized in order to increase marine products and phosphorus and nitrogen contained in the water and bottom mud are changed into protein.
Regarding this theory in order to maximize the self-cleansing power of nature is Cultivating water-method.

What are the advantages of using  Bio Fan

1).Effects of the wind

  • Promotion of contact with water and outside air
  • Improvement in dissolved oxygen
  • Removal foul smell of water
  • Cleaning suspended matter on the surface of water.

2).Effects of sunlight

  • Phytoplankton growth (visible light)
  • Production of oxygen by photosynthesis (visible light)
  • Chemistry and biodegradation (ultraviolet rays)
  • Elimination of bad bacteria and escherichia coli (ultraviolet rays)

3).Effect on the benthic region

  • Improvement in water quality
  • Prevention of algae bloom
  • Improvement of transparency