(Our Motto: Think Big Start Small)


Porta-Bote is classified as a “dinghy”. It is made up of  ”polypropylene”, very portable, can be folded flat to a very small size and weigh just about 31 kg. It can be used using a paddle or fitted with a small outboard motor. Porta-Bote have been classified by National Marine Manufacturers Association, USA, Japanese Coastal Guards and European Unit. 

Porta-Bote have demonstrated characteristics like very portable, very durable, very stable in water, ability to float very well even when filled with water, and achievement of good speed when fitted with small engine.

Various test and trials have been done not only in Malaysia but by many other agencies in other parts of the world. Please visit our video section to watch some of these trials. Opinions of the people who have done the trials in Malaysia certified that: In its folded form Porta-Bote are so easy to handle and can be transported vehicle and hand carried to almost any where. Porta-bote can be handled (assembled and disassembled) by just one man if necessary. 

Please visit our video section.